Changing lives by ordering office supplies

As a company it is important that we have a strong corporate social responsibility, which is why we are so pleased to announce that we will be working with WildHearts Office in 2022

WildHearts Office enables us to help change lives locally and globally, simply by purchasing their business supplies.

To give you an idea of what impact this will have, for every £5000 we spend we will help:

  • Provide micro-finance loans to help individuals in the developing world set up businesses,
  • Support females in low-income countries with educations packs and sanitary products,
  • Work with schools around the UK to provide entrepreneurial training that looks at using business for good,
  • Provide mental wellbeing webinars for parents and teens around the UK to help with the mental health crisis.

​​​​​​​We look forward to receiving our first report in April 2022 and finding out the difference we have made.

Thank you to everyone involved in the project to make this partnership happen!

Find out more about Wildhearts: Business for good.