Community partnerships

Building relationships with the charities we support

We're excited to share that in 2022 we're taking a fresh approach and will be working with charity partners that align with our community network groups, instead of having a dedicated charity partner in each main office. 

Giving back and supporting the communities around us is important to Covéa. This new approach will support the causes that are important to all our community network groups and our people, and also acknowledges our new flexible ways of working, which focuses on collective activity across the business.

To kick off, we're pleased to share that in 2022 our Covéa Pride network will be supporting AKT - a voluntary organisation based in England, created in 1989 to serve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people who are homeless or living in a hostile environment. Find out more about AKT and the work they do:
Our Inspiring Colour network will be supporting Stop Hate UK throughout 2022. 

Stop Hate UK is a leading anti-hate and anti-discrimination organisation for corporate, statutory, and community sectors.

Today, they operate at the UK’s only free dedicated 24-hour anti-Hate Crime reporting service for all monitored strands of a person’s identity or perceived identity (Disability, Race, Faith, Sexual orientation, and Transgender identity, as well as Age and Alternative subculture).

Find out more about Stop Hate UK and the work they do:

Our other community group networks are working carefully to select which charities to support this year: more partnerships will be announced throughout 2022.