Protecting our planet

We're working hard to reduce our direct impact on the environment to become a greener place to work

We regularly assess the environmental impact of our operations, actively managing our waste and our consumption of natural resources.  

We have various initiatives to promote and maintain awareness of green issues with our staff and aim to reduce our environmental impact:

  • We source recycled materials wherever possible and cost effective
  • When maintaining or replacing building facilities, such as machinery and equipment, we always aim to improve efficiency and use less resources
  • We actively encourage staff to cycle to work - we doubled the size of the bike parking area last year
  • Our car fleet has a cap on emissions and we encourage drivers to choose low emission vehicles
  • Unrequired office furniture is provided to organisations who can make use of it, either in its current form or for recycling.

We recognise the benefits associated with sound environmental performance and practice, and promote a culture of responsibility and awareness amongst staff and business partners.