We’ve worked hard to make sure our website is accessible and easy to use and read. This page explains a few ways you can adapt our website to suit your needs.

This website is compatible with the most popular browsers and has been optimised to give our customers the best online experience that we can. 

Helpful hints and tips for accessible web browsing

Every web browser has its own settings and keyboard shortcuts to use. We've included the most popular below however, we cannot show all of them. For more information you should refer to your web browser help menu.

How to resize the text and change colours in your browser

In every web browser is the ability to resize the text you view on the screen.

You also have the opportunity to set the default font and size used for websites in the browser you use.

Quick keys:

To quickly resize the entire screen, including text size you can press the Ctrl key with either the - or + keys. You can also hold the Ctrl key and use the scroll button on your mouse if you have one.

If you use a Mac, press the Apple Key and the plus key.

To view more detailed settings for your web browser's fonts, size and change defaults in:

  • Internet Explorer – open View > Text size
  • Mozilla Firefox – open View > Text size
  • Opera - open View > Zoom
  • Safari - open View > Make text bigger 

You can change the screen resolution of your device for example:

  • Microsoft Windows – open Start > Control Panel > Display > Settings
  • Apple Macintosh computer – open System Preferences > Displays > Resolution

Your web browser can change the colours of the sites you visit:

  • Internet Explorer - open Tools > Internet Options > General > Colours
  • Mozilla Firefox - open Tools > Options > Content > Colours
  • Opera - open Tools > Preferences > Fonts and Page Style
  • Safari - open Safari > Preferences > Appearance

Some further helpful keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+N - new browser window
  • Alt+Home – homepage
  • Alt+? - back a page
  • Alt+? - forward a page
  • Backspace – back a page
  • Alt+Backspace - forward a page
  • F6 - place cursor in the browser address bar
  • Alt+F4 close program
  • Ctrl+W - close current window

For newer browsers supporting tabbed windows:

  • Ctrl+T - open new tab

Please note, if you have a screen reader installed on your device your keyboard shortcuts may have been modified by the application. This is especially important for anyone using the JAWS application.

Braille, large font and audio material

If you need to have our documents in Braille, large font or audio, we’re always happy to help. Just contact us with your name, address, and which documents you'd like in an alternative format.

We also welcome any feedback on how we can improve our website. If you can suggest any improvements, or if you have any problems while visiting our site, please contact us.

Are you a British Sign Language (BSL) user and need to get in touch? 

We're delighted to be partnering with SignLive to help provide service to our British Sign Language (BSL) using customers. 

Using SignLive, you will be able to handle insurance claims, from First Notification of Loss (FNOL) through to repair or settlement.

This service is now available for Check-a-Trade, Commercial Claims, Home Claims, Life and Protection and Motor.

Watch the video below to find out more and how you can get in touch:


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How to contact us

You may find the answer to your query on our Frequently Asked Questions page, but if not, please contact us here.

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