A reminder about LeakBot

Escape of Water claims are very much a hot topic at the moment and we have seen lots of news about different devices that are available through various providers, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to remind you about some of the options we have available for your High Net Worth clients. 

We introduced LeakBot a few years ago and its super smart leak detection has proved to be really beneficial. Our LeakBot package comes with the following added benefits; 

  • Free LeakBot device
  • Unlimited free Find & Fix service operated by HomeServe
  • Nil Escape of Water excess for claims free risks
  • No terms at renewal if your client suffers an Escape of Water claim whilst LeakBot is active. 

A number of our affinity partner customers that benefit from using LeakBot are really pleased to be able to proactively protect themselves (at no extra cost to them), with a handful of these customers having used the Find & Fix service to remedy small leaks before they became a bigger issue. 

Your customers can benefit too and we’re very happy to offer LeakBot to your clients, providing they meet the eligibility criteria (see below).

What is LeakBot?

LeakBot is an easy to install, smart water leak detection device that silently monitors homeowners plumbing, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Client’s will receive alerts on their smart phone if a leak is detected allowing them to take action, fast, before it becomes a bigger problem. 

The LeakBot device simply clips on to the home’s internal stop tap pipe and connects via WiFi. LeakBot’s patented Thermi-Q technology accurately measures both the air and water temperatures in the home. If there is a leak it will continually draw colder water from outside into the home, creating a consistent drop in temperature. LeakBot can sense the prolonged and consistent drop in temperature and will alert your client to the problem.

Don't just take out word for it! Read the LeakBot Trustpilot reviews here.

Who is eligible for LeakBot?

We are offering a LeakBot device for Executive Plus & Executive Home clients. In order to qualify, clients must; 

  • Have a WiFi router with internet connection
  • A smart phone device (Android or Apple smart phone)
  • Access to the home’s internal stop top (with 10cm clear pipe space directly above or below the stop tap)

Live in any property type other than a flat or maisonette.

Why should I recommend LeakBot to my clients?

LeakBot provides unique benefits to your client both in terms of additional services provided by HomeServe and Executive policy advantages. Not only will they get to enjoy state-of-the-art technology and have unlimited access to HomeServe plumbers completely free of charge, but they will also have a nil Escape of Water excess for claims free risks and no terms or loading applied to their policies in the event of a claim. 

Escape of Water damage can be devastating, and in many cases it can render the home uninhabitable. Experience shows us that such damage can cause huge upheaval to our client’s lives, especially if they are required to move out of their home and into alternative accommodation. But with the use of LeakBot, this risk can be reduced and in many cases, prevented altogether.

Here's what one of our customer's thinks: 

“After clipping the LeakBot to the pipework it only took a couple of minutes to connect the device to my home WiFi and the corresponding smartphone app. 

After 48 hours of initial monitoring the device told me that there were no leaks in my house, happy days! Several months after installation I hadn’t received any notifications from the device. I went on holiday with my family and when we returned to the house we did the customary mammoth clothes wash and ran the washing machine 3 consecutive times. After the third wash LeakBot sent a notification to my phone to check if everything was okay. I went through the prompts on the app and within a few button presses I let LeakBot know that it was a domestic appliance and there was no need for a HomeServe engineer to visit the property. 

I’m a technology enthusiast so I occasionally check the app to see if everything is still okay. I appreciate the potential disruption an escape of water claim can cause so I love the reassurance LeakBot gives me.”

What are the next steps?

Simply speak to your local underwriter who will provide you with a voucher code enabling you or your client to visit the LeakBot website and request a free device.




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