An update on our Motor Fleet appetite

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Our Motor Fleet appetite

Our Motor Fleet proposition, which is designed for businesses operating a fleet of vehicles comprising of cars and/or commercial vehicles, has grown impressively since its launch in 2014. At Covéa Insurance, we target the SME and Mid-Market for Motor Fleet, offering cover for three vehicle fleets or above, with appetite to write larger exposures. As the proposition has developed, our appetite has gradually widened, to support writing larger Mid-Market risks. Now is an opportune time to update you on our appetite, and let you know where we can support you and your clients.

Trade Sectors

We have a broad risk appetite, and are especially competitive when it comes to tradespersons and professionals who have at least three years' trading experience. As with all insurers there are still certain trades we either would have to decline or would need more information on. However, we encourage you to talk to us if you think there is a risk we should consider that sits outside of our standard appetite. The more information we know about the risk, the more likely we’re able to understand the risk and consider providing a quote.

Vehicle Types

In previous years our appetite has been limited to cars and/or lighter commercial vehicles, which includes electric vehicles and commercial vehicles up to 18t GVW. We can also write special types as part of fleet. However, we’re gradually expanding our appetite in this space in 2019 for our most supportive brokers, opening our appetite up to risks with larger commercial vehicles up to 44t GVW. These larger vehicle types would need to represent an incidental part of the risk exposure, around less than 15% of the vehicle schedule. We can also consider high performance and/or high value vehicles with the right security measures in place.

Our appetite still restricts us from underwriting tankers, bus and coach risks, minibuses, and agricultural vehicles, although this is something we are continually reviewing.


We want to write risks with a mature and stable workforce, free from serious convictions. We want to target risks with more experienced drivers (over 25), but have got the ability to write risks with younger drivers where they are an incidental part of the risk. As always, the more information you can provide us with, the better.

Geographical Areas

We prefer more rural geographical locations, but have the ability to write risks in a range of city locations. While geography is important to us, and some postcode areas are a decline for us, we’re more interested in the quality of risk management, driver training and the use of telematics devices to improve driving and reduce accident frequency.

We’ve given you an insight into our Motor Fleet risk appetite, and we can consider a wide variety of risks. Please talk to us, either about our appetite in general or about a specific risk. The more information you share, the better we understand the risk and can underwrite it effectively. Contact one of our expert Motor Fleet underwriters at Covéa Insurance, we look forward to hearing from you soon.


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