Bizarre Animal Claims

With over 60 years' of claims handling, we have built up
a few unusual claims to share with you!

We've got over 60 years' experience in the HNW market and in that time, our HNW claims managers have built up enough stories to entertain a dinner party about the bizarre claims they've experienced (always with GDPR in mind of course). The topic of animals has continued to enthral and amuse our claims handlers so we thought we would share some of the humour in the claims below. 

It's worth a handy remainder that both our Executive Home and Plus cover offer a home emergency section, which covers the removal of vermin (brown or black rats; house of field mice; squirrels, wasps or hornets nests). Under our liability section, we also cover damage by domestic pets and horses. 

Bizarre Claim Number 7 - Mousework!

Believe it or not, mice and rats love eating carpet. Unfortunately, we can't tell you about only one instance of mice and rats eating our clients' carpets, because there have been way too many, but it's worth bearing in mind that carpet is a snack loved by vermin!

Bizarre Claim Number 6 - Think you've had a ruff day?

We recently had a claim where our customer's dog started a house fire. The little delinquent jumped on their owners' cooker and turned it on, which started a fire as there was a tea towel on the cooker. Thankfully no one was hurt, and the fire was able to be largely contained, although the customer did still have a substantial claim for restoration and repairs. 

Bizarre Claim Number 5 - Squirrel goes nuts around family home

One of our HNW clients had to submit a claim as a hungry squirrel had managed to get inside her home and had tucked into a feast of clothes, furniture and shoes. We were rather surprised to find out that the traditional nut based diet of squirrels had somewhat expanded. You'll be pleased to know the squirrel was removed safely. 

Bizarre Claim Number 4 - Notorious D.O.G

A client recently claimed for a very expensive vase being broken. The culprit? Their dog! Apparently the dog jumped out of a bottom floor window - knocking over a very expensive vase! We were impressed at the leaping skills, perhaps it was preparing itself for next year's Crufts?

Bizarre Claim Number 3 - Painting the house...White

Another mischievous dog decided to pick up an open bottle of bleach and run around the whole house with it! As you can imagine, an extensive programme of redecoration prevailed to restore colour back to the home!

Number 2 - Horsing Around

You've heard the phrase about taking a horse to water, well in this case the client's horse took itself to water - the family swimming pool to be precise, and decided to get in for a little dip on a hot day. The damage to the pool was significant. 

1st place - We canine believe it! 

Without further ado, our number one claim story is when one of our clients decided to take his Labrador to the golf course. The dog (sitting in a buggy) managed to reverse the buggy into a horse box causing damage to the buggy and the box! Moral of the story? Dogs (as cute and amazing as they are) can cause chaos! 

**Just for peace of mind - as far as we're aware, no animals were harmed in the making of these claims**

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