Brexit: Implications for immigration & visas

With Brexit delayed until January 2020, Simon Roberts - Senior Associate Solicitor at DAS Law - offers some advice about immigration...

With the Brexit deadline postponed until 31st January 2020, Simon Roberts - Senior Associate Solicitor at DAS Law - offers some general advice regarding the immigration implications of Brexit, deal or no-deal…

 “At the moment, the position with regards to immigration from the EU is relatively clear. Any EU citizen (and their family) currently living within the UK by the 31st January 2020 will have until at least 31st December 2020 to make an application for ‘Settled Status’ under the government’s EU Settlement Scheme, providing them with indefinite leave to remain and work within the UK.

After the current Brexit deadline of 31st January 2020, EU citizens will still be able to enter the UK for visits or short trips, however the government has announced that there will be new border controls designed to deter and make it harder for serious criminals to enter the country. 

 The government is proposing a new ‘European Temporary Leave to Remain’ (Euro TLR) scheme allowing EU citizens who move to the UK after Brexit to apply for a 36 month temporary immigration status. Under these proposals, any EU citizen who moves to the UK after Brexit who does not apply for the Euro TLR will need to leave the UK by the 31st December 2020.  The government also plans to introduce a new, Australian-style points-based immigration system from January 2021.

We know that many customers may be EU citizens currently residing in the UK for work, or may employ staff from overseas. It’s important that steps are taken soon to protect yourself or individuals that work for you. 

The advice, therefore, is for any EU citizens to apply for Settled Status as soon as practicable. As for UK citizens travelling to the EU; if we crash out of the EU with a no-deal, any UK citizen travelling to the EU will have to ensure that there is at least six months left to run on their passports.”

Disclaimer: This information is for general guidance regarding rights and responsibilities and is not formal legal advice as no lawyer-client relationship has been created.




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