How Design Thinking can help YOU create value for customers

Focus on addressing real needs and pain points

Here at Covéa Insurance we like to innovate. However, more than anything, we like to see you, our brokers, happy. In this post we present a simple, yet highly effective concept that could be the key to you creating real value for your customers. Read on…

We're always looking at how we can develop new products and services to best suit the needs of our customers, but sometimes the hardest thing to do is actually come up with the ideas. Introducing Design Thinking, a new technique to help you do just that...


1. Why Design Thinking?

Design Thinking may be seen as the latest buzz word, but it has been impacting the approach creatives take for quite some time.

It provides a sense of structure, whilst remaining unrestricted. It can be difficult to find that balance between creativity and order when trying to innovate and develop new ideas, that's where design thinking brings control to that chaos.

We all fall victim to our assumptions of the customer, this is unfortunately apparent of human nature. However, Design Thinking keeps the attention on the customers needs and ignores any preconceived notions of what they might want.

There are many methods of idea generation, but Design Thinking takes it beyond the idea phase and into tangible visions of what could be.

There are many reasons why we should consider Design Thinking, here are a few of them :

- It brings control to the chaos of creativity

- It encourages multi-disciplined team work

- It is a powerful tool for tackling the unknown

- It is a customer focussed approach aimed at discovering people’s hidden needs.

- It is a methodology to ensure that meaningful and helpful solutions can be found.

2. The process

the Design Thinking process cycle
Source: Eurapco academy

Design Thinking is an iterative process, beginning with need finding, then ideation, to prototyping/testing, before definition or going back to the drawing board. So
now we know how it actually works, let’s take a closer look.

3. Conclusion
As a concept, Design Thinking is geared towards creative tasks. However, it is worth bearing in mind that as an idea, it can be shaped and moulded to the individual's needs. The most important issue is, of course, to never lose sight of the fact that this is aimed at creating value for the customer, which could consequently improve customer relations.




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