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Could there be a new law?
What smart appliances are already out there?

Internet security is a vital thing in today's society. For a lot of us, everything that we could possibly want or need to continue our everyday lives is on one (or more) of our internet-connected gadgets, also known as the "internet of things" (IOT). According to the BBC "there will be 14.2 billion internet-connected devices in use worldwide by the end of 2019", and thankfully there are plans being made for the future to make sure that these types of gadgets are made more secure under proposed new laws.

As our technology gets smarter, unfortunately, so do hackers. Any and all devices are being easily hacked, which can lead to a loss of personal data as well as some smart devices being used to listen in on conversations within our own homes. Digital Minister Margot James proposed the legislation which would also introduce a new labelling system on IOT products to tell customers how secure their new product is. 

This would mean that internet-connected gadgets would have to come with unique passwords, so that when you buy new smart toys, fridges, coffee machines and ovens (yes, even ovens!) in the future the security level is increased and it is much, much, harder for hackers to break into.

We thoroughly support this new legislation as anything that helps protect the consumer is alright with us! 

Below are some image examples of what's currently in the smart appliances market; from left to right we have:

  • Smart scales, capable of measuring bone mass, calorie intake and BMI of up to 8 users at a time.
  • Smart washing machine, controlled via an app on your phone. You can start, pause or stop the cycle remotely, check the status of the wash and troubleshoot technical problems.
  • Smart fridge, featuring internal cameras to see the contents remotely, the ability to look up recipes and have them read to you whilst you're preparing your meal, and even the ability to notify you when your food is going out of date!

picture of smart scales, washing machine and fridge

As with anything technology related, nowadays, nothing is ever completely secure. Our Executive Plus policy offers Cyber cover as standard up to £100,000 and our Executive Home policy offers Cyber protection up to £50,000 so you can feel safe in the knowledge that even in the event of a security breach, your clients will be fully protected.




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