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We know the UK isn’t renowned for its good weather but sometimes, just sometimes, the weather works in our favour and lets us have a summer to remember. We can’t be the only ones still reminiscing about the heatwave of 2018, right?

When the weather is just right people want to seize the day, dust off the cobwebs on their garden furniture and utilise outside spaces – this is what beer gardens are made for! Events of all shapes and sizes, for those who’ve planned (and hoped for good weather) in advance and for those who love a last minute, on the day, get together.

Millennials are known for prioritising experiences over the purchasing of actual things. So social media mixed with the rise of websites like Eventbrite and Meet Up means that more and more people are now attending (or hosting) events. Not only is it possible for you attend a Gin festival, but you can also go to a family fun day or reserve your seat at an open-air cinema.

Increasingly, businesses are hosting more and more events to keep customers and employees engaged. When one company could be throwing a charity Wimbledon gathering with an abundance of strawberries and cream, another might throw a mid-week company barbeque. Businesses or individuals may even decide to host a wedding reception. In the UK, 57% of couples get married in the summer and with this in mind might look to hire or buy a marquee for the occasion. However not everyone has to be hosting an event, they could just be hiring out their home or their land for others to use.

Unfortunately the “where there’s a blame, there’s a claim” slogan rings true in certain situations. One claim we have had was when our Insured arranged for a marquee to be erected in their back garden for the wedding reception of their daughter and son-in-law.  A longstanding family friend tripped and fractured her ankle during the reception.  The claimant explained that she had only had one small glass of wine and tripped due to the dancefloor being uneven and that everyone had been complaining about it, but witness evidence was difficult to obtain as the reception guests were all mutual friends of both the Claimant and the Defendant. The case went all the way to trial; however the Judge did not believe the Claimant and our Insured won the case but both parties lost a friend. This sort of incident is just one of many claims that a host may risk having exposure to.

 If your client is looking to host an event there are many things to think about – including whether or not their policy covers them for liability or contents. Our High Net Worth policies can provide marquee cover as part of their home insurance and for all other events and more specialised requirements we partner with Graham Sykes to provide an event scheme which caters for the needs of individuals, small groups and organisations involved in arranging or exhibiting at outdoor events.

So this summer, chat to your clients about their entertaining plans and make sure they are fully covered, whatever the weather!

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