Keeping your home secure during winter

Sarah Humphreys, Sales Director at Premier Alarms Ltd explains how as the winter months creep in it's vital to keep your home security up to date...

As winter draws in and the hours of darkness increase, it is often the time when security comes more to the forefront of our minds. In 2018, it was reported that burglaries spiked by one third after the clocks went back so we are justified in our need to feel safe during the winter months. Improving your security can be as simple as making sure doors are locked, gates are closed and perimeter fencing is well maintained. Creating a physical barrier can go a long way in creating a psychological barrier to potential intruders. Taking this a step further, investing in security systems can greatly increase the security of your home.

As the most proactive means of home protection, it is understood that 84% of burglars would avoid a property with an alarm system. Movement sensors, vibration sensors and panic buttons help protect both the home, its contents and the people living there. It is no surprise that one of the most common times for a burglary to occur is between 2.30pm and 4.30pm, as traditionally burglars knew doing the school run, often didn’t warrant the hassle of setting the alarm. With app control and fob activation now readily available, the systems can easily blend into your lifestyle and setting the alarm even when just popping out can become quickly habitual.

The beauty of an alarm system lies in its ability to protect your home in more ways than just through burglary. Integrated smoke detectors ensure that if a fire starts you are alerted to leave the house, or if away from the property, your monitored smoke detectors will notify you of the situation. Professional maintenance of the alarm system also negates the often forgotten need to change batteries in independent smoke detectors. Flood sensors will notify you of water ingress at the property which can be particularly helpful for unoccupied premises.

With estimations that Brits spend over £20 billion on Christmas, it is also no surprise that burglaries are often on the rise at this time. Be sensible with where you locate your Christmas tree, and the gifts surrounding it. This will prevent the opportunist thief from getting that chance to scope out what you have been buying. When your online food order arrives, be alert to any passer-by’s who may want to take advantage of the front door being open. If you are getting away for the Christmas break, do all you can to protect your home whilst unattended. Simulate occupancy with simple lighting controllers that will bring on certain lights at varying times and if you do have an alarm, ensure your bellbox on the front of the property is well maintained. The bellbox is your primary deterrent and you want it to convey the right message that you have addressed the security of your home seriously. Always remember, as exciting as the trip may be, try and prevent your children from plastering the getaway all over social media – not just children so perhaps try and resist the urge for you and your family to share the getaway all over social media. Those that have an interest in whether your house is occupied can very easily obtain information through the photos on Instagram and the status updates on Facebook, and plan their break-in accordingly.

If your property warrants further security measures, CCTV has a natural synergy with an alarm system; you are notified there’s been a break-in and via app operated CCTV, you can immediately view the live status of your house. Automatic gates help to further define the perimeter of your property and prevent ease of unwanted vehicular access. Security lighting helps counteract the additional hours of darkness and deters criminals from working away in hidden areas.  Finally, safes are the final bolthole in protecting your most valuable and sentimental items. Security is all about layering and identifying the appropriate layers needed to protect your home, your lifestyle and your family.




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