Leakbot - the story so far

first published in the HNW Newsletter to brokers

leakbotWe launched our LeakBot trial via brokers back in August 2017 and extended this trial in December 2017 through our affinity partners, whereby customers were invited to participate directly. We have had a great response from clients who have been installing these smart devices in their homes up and down the country, with the data they provide enabling them to identify and rectify leaks quickly and easily.

As part of the trial, all clients who have installed LeakBots are also entitled to unlimited free visits by Homeserve engineers, who attend the property, repair the leak and then conduct final tests to ensure that when they leave the property, they are leaving it 100% leak-free. Interestingly, 50% of homeowners discovered minor leaks following the installation of these devices which they were able to have located and fixed, free of charge.

Although it will take some time to measure the impact on the frequency and severity of escape of water claims, we are already seeing evidence that the minor repairs being carried out at our clients’ properties are helping prevent significant problems occurring later down the line; a tiny, hidden leak can, and often does, culminate in colossal damage as walls collapsing or floors rising, so the fact that we are helping our clients avoid these nightmare scenarios is something which gives us real satisfaction.

The case studies shown here provide a small snapshot of the amazing benefits this initiative is providing to our clients. 

Case study 1: Mr E

Shortly after installing his LeakBot, Mr E began receiving alerts informing him that there was a leak in his property. Although he was sceptical about the device, and was absolutely convinced that there was no leak in his home, Mr E utilised the free Homeserve Find-and-Fix service to arrange an appointment with an engineer.

When the engineer attended, he used moisture detection technology to identify that Mr E had a leaking ball valve in his loft, two leaking taps and a further leaking ball valve on the second floor.

These problems were all repaired in a single visit, with no further leaks detected at the property. Had the leaking ball valves not been identified, these would eventually have caused significant damage to the fabric of the home, a large escape of water claim, and a huge amount of distress and inconvenience to Mr E.

The leaking taps may not have been so catastrophic – but as even a slowly dripping tap can waste several dozen litres of water a day, this will save Mr E a bit of money on his water bill, which is never a bad thing!

Case Study 2: Mr W

Shortly after installation, Mr W received a leak notification. He believed he had self-diagnosed the issue back to a dripping tap in his bathroom and a new washer would be required; as such he was reluctant to use the Find & Fix service for such a minor issue. However, after some encouragement from us, Mr W eventually arranged a visit.

The engineer arrived and explained the procedure would take approximately 2 ½ hours. Mr W commented that he was impressed with the level of technology used particularly the thermal imaging system used to identify leaks. A new washer was indeed required for the bathroom tap but the engineer went on to find issues with the expansion tank and overflow. He showed Mr W the amount of water he was losing per minute which he admitted was a real eye opener.

Additionally he explained if the overflow leak had frozen over then water would’ve backed up into the home and potentially a substantial escape of water was averted.

In the end because of the issues discovered the visit took 4 ½ hours but Mr W said he would massively recommend it to anyone and was hugely impressed!




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