New e-Trade Commercial Combined product!


You ask – we listen! We’re almost ready to launch e-Trade Commercial Combined.

 We’re delighted to announce that we have a brand new e-traded product that will be available shortly on both Acturis and our Covéa Insurance Online Extranet.

 We’ve created this product to satisfy two key broker requirements:

Firstly, you have been asking for a way in which to easily and efficiently trade smaller manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and retail risks. This product does exactly that.

Secondly, whilst we’ve invested heavily in making our existing Small Business products suitable for a wide variety of clients, there will always be circumstances which mean the risk is too complex – this is where this e-Trade Commercial Combined product comes in, as it can cater for other ‘packaged’ business too.

Following the positive feedback of the modular nature of the BCI product and that brokers see this as a tool to help them e-trade more business, we have also made our e-Trade Commercial Combined product modular too.

The single mandatory line of cover is Contents and there are 15 sections of optional cover, which also include Cyber Liability. That makes our new product one of the first e-Trade Commercial Combined products to have Cyber cover available.

The modular design gives you the flexibility to pick the covers that your client requires without having to take any unnecessary covers. It also enables us to be more flexible and to help you to win business that wouldn’t normally be able to be traded electronically.

Some of the Key Features of the Product and Benefits are:

  • We can quote up to £5 million Property Damage / Business Interruption per premises and can quote for up to 10 premises
  • Our turnover limit is up to £7.5M, enabling us to cater for a variety of risks
  • We can quote for up to £5,000 premiums.
  • Our minimum Premium is £250 + IPT (net of commission)
  • £250 excess as standard (discounts available for higher voluntary excesses)
  • We offer premium flex and commission flex (parameters apply)
  • Referrals can be made via webchat too

We know how important service is to our brokers, which is why we are taking our market leading service proposition and extending this to our new product.

We have a dedicated team of Trading Underwriters to support our brokers, all of whom are keen to help you to bind business by being flexible on underwriting referrals and by helping with trade selection and flexing premiums.

The early feedback from brokers during our pilot has been that this is a great product which is easy to trade and is supported by our fantastic Trading Underwriters. We offer a market leading a 60 minute referral commitment on this product and our customers will be backed up by our award winning claims service.

Keep a look out in the coming days for your personal invite to the launch!

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