New Golf Technology & Cover Provided

The exciting Trackman devices are designed to help improve your game so golfers will want to take it everywhere!

This week golfers up and down the country flocked to their local courses to enjoy one of the nation’s most favoured sporting past times, which will be the top of many of our clients list, golf!

Many of you may already be aware but our policies perfectly cater for golfers with the following covers benefiting clients at home and abroad when accompanied with their golf clubs (or not as the case maybe with one of the operative covers), the policy features;

  • Replacement golf clubs overseas if client’s own items are lost or stolen, up to £500
  • Hole in one cover up to £500
  • Personal liability cover up to £10m
  • Cover on either building and/or contents sections for home set ups, such as indoor studios with associated simulator equipment and outdoor putting/chipping greens (such as AstroTurf all weather facilities)
  • Cover on an all risk worldwide cover for all golf equipment including clubs, clothing, electric golf trolley, golf buggy and a more niche yet craved item that is expanded upon beneath…

In this modern tech age one of the more sought-after pieces of computerised equipment for the avid golfer looking to emulate the Tiger Woods’ & Rory Mcilroys of this world are launch monitors, such as the industry standard “Trackman”.

The Trackman is essentially a monitoring device that is hooked up to a lap top and when striking balls at the driving range or in an indoor studio it will pick up how far the ball will have travelled and curved with the apex of its flight covered as well as the speed and spin on the ball. Now these do not come cheap, but then many things don’t that HNW clients have in their possession, with a Trackman on average costing in the region of £18,000.

Whether Trackman or otherwise, launch monitors are designed to be extremely mobile, being picked up and travelling with the golfer, often overseas and under our HNW policies, customers can have peace of mind knowing that their prize possessions are fully covered by our all risks worldwide coverage.




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