Stranded Passengers - how can we help?

A flight delay can be a horrible start, or end, to a holiday. However the new Executive Travel policy wording is there to help those stranded passengers in need...

When you take a moment to think about the fact that we can board a plane and travel across the world in one or two flights, the technological progress the human race has made over the last 100 years is truly astounding. When everything goes to plan and there are no issues at checking in, at security, accessing the gate or boarding the plane, travelling can be a relatively smooth experience. As a society we have learnt to manage our own expectations and it is normal for anyone planning to travel by air to allow plenty of additional time ensure they get to the airport early to take into account potential minor delays. 

Sometimes, things do not always go to plan i.e. unexpected weather or all manner of unplanned issues at the airport you are travelling to or from, and the things which are outside of your control can have a big impact on your overall travel experience.

When there are travel delays at the airport, the experience can become a very frustrating. Whether it’s being stuck in cramped seating conditions or not being able to find enough seats for you and your family, queueing for food and drink which you had not planned to purchase or keeping frustrated children entertained, stress levels can escalate quickly. Sometimes there’s not enough polish to get rid of the bad mark this experience has made on your holiday. 

It can be a heart breaking experience watching others enter the proverbial paradise of the airport executive lounge, enjoying their courtesy food and drink, reading newspapers and magazines or surfing the web on the free WiFi, all whilst in the comfort of an available seat. We can rationalise that they most likely paid a large additional expense to enjoy these luxuries, but maybe they didn’t. Maybe they are an Executive Travel policyholder and they are enjoying the benefits that come with our new Stranded Passenger service.

What is the Stranded Passenger service you may ask? 

The Stranded Passenger service gives you access to over 800 airport lounges around the world. All you have to do is follow the link in your policy document and register your flight and passenger details at least 24 hours before you are due to fly. Once you have registered this information the international departure boards will be automatically monitored on your behalf. If your flight is delayed by more than two hours you will automatically be sent an access code to your phone allowing you and all named travellers on your policy access to an eligible executive lounge on the LoungeKey network.

(Please note that this service relies upon airlines publishing their schedules to a flight tracking system in advance and this service may not be available for some charter flights. In the event of a flight not being registered, this service will not be available. However, the majority of flights will be registered.)

Example of how to register a flight:

(Please refer to your policy document for guidance on initial set up)

Example of access code:

For all Executive Travel policyholders whose policies start or renew from 1st December 2019 onwards, they will get the Stranded Passenger service automatically included in our new and improved policy wording.




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