The time when Santa needed his travel insurance...

Even one of the most famous men in the world can need help from his insurance policy from time to time...

It's a couple of months before Christmas and Santa has been busy reviewing his operation to improve efficiency and customer experience and is in the process of arranging contracts with new suppliers on renewable energy sources for his factories, in addition to a new global present storage and distribution deal. His sleigh can only hold so many presents and having multiple storage facilities across the world will save Santa from returning to the North Pole every time his present sack is empty. This will also mean that the elves will have more time to concentrate on increasing Christmas cheer this year. 

Santa travels far across the world to finalise the deals and having checked in to his hotel, he feasts on multiple desserts but suddenly notices that something is wrong. When he feels an unfamiliar sharp pain in his abdomen he has flashbacks of when he was told by doctors that he would need to maintain a calorie controlled diet after his pacemaker was fitted. He contacts reception to arrange a doctor. 

When Santa awakes he realises he is in a hospital room with Mrs Claus beside him. The doctors tell him that they carried out emergency surgery to remove his appendix that had ruptured. In a laboured movement Santa lifts his arm and sees the date on his watch. It's the day before the contract signing and Santa is in no condition to make the meeting. He panics until Mrs Claus explains that she has already contacted the Travel insurers and explained the situation.

Under their Covéa Insurance Executive Travel policy they are entitled to replacement personnel cover which covers reasonable additional business travel and accommodation costs for a business partner or employee to replace you at a meeting in the event that you are medically incapacitated. 

After a few days of observation the travel insurance policy paid for his return flights to the North Pole where he rested in preparation for his Christmas duties. 

Over the following weeks Santa made a full recovery and on Christmas Eve night he delivered presents to every child. Christmas cheer levels across the globe were up and the UK had hit a record high and everyone could agree that this was the best Christmas they had ever seen and nothing could change that.




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