What does our new HNW Cyber cover include?

Find out more about the new Cyber cover in our Executive Home and Executive Plus policies following our partnership with DAS

Cover features of the Executive Home and Executive Home Plus products. Giving you more information on benefits included within these policies covers. 

DAS Householdlaw & Cyber Service contains a range of regularly updated legal guides, document builders, interactive checklists and videos to help you with family, employment and consumer issues. 

It provides a range of educational guidance on how to protect against digital compromise including best practice, tip sheets and more, providing information on topics such as identity theft and other privacy related concerns. 

As our cyber insurance cover is designed to give you peace of mind and access to specialist assistance should a customer fall victim to a cyber incident or cybercrime attack. We’d like to introduce you to the cover we’ve designed for our customers. 

Cybercrime, fraud and scams are becoming increasingly hot topics for consumers. Action fraud recently reported a 28% increase in offences between 2019/20 and 2020/21, meaning consumer’s experiences 398,022 incidents of Cybercrime. Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services have found individuals are more likely to become a victim of fraud than any other crime and the effect of the coronavirus pandemic have served to make things worse. 

The cyber insurance product provides customers for with either £50k (Executive Home) or £100k (Executive Home Plus) to cover costs and expenses in the period of insurance to cover incidents including:

  • Restoration of personal computer systems and electronic devices following a cyber attack
  • Computer virus removal
  • Financial loss caused by cyber crime

Covéa Insurance have partnered with DAS to bring customers an effective and all round solution to the challenges faced in the cyber world today and offer customers a level of peace of mind that is difficult to rival.

Customers have access to not only a traditional insurance option to cover events but also access to a dedicated cyber helpline.

As well as covering claims, the product provides customers with access to fraud and cyber specialists who are available on a 24/7 basis. Access to these specialists is unlimited and they are available to answer questions and queries without the need to make a claim. The helpline can help resolve 95% of customer issues with one call for their assistance.

Where cyber-attack resolution is required, the specialists can give customers full data forensic support for an hour and cover a range of devices and attack types with their expert knowledge and tools. If the helpline can’t resolve the issue in the first instance then the customer will be supported by the specialist in engaging the insurer to deal with a full claim.These services are designed take the hassle and stress out of a complex situation, offering access to experts at the customer’s time of need. Customers can also use the helpline for advice at any time relating to cyber, perhaps they are receiving more spoof calls and emails, or they’ve noticed some unusual activity on their phone.

Whatever, a customer’s cyber need the provisions they have access too will offer a great benefit to customer.

This article was written by Helen Futter, Propositions Manager at DAS UK Group.




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