When The Grinch hacked Christmas...

We all know The Grinch doesn't like Christmas, but how far would he go to ruin it for others?

Down in Whoville, The Grinch is looking for a new way to hinder Christmas spirit and festive cheer. 

A scrooge at heart, The Grinch could not take solace from the beautiful cliff top views of his snowy home, nor the trusted company of his loving canine companion, Max. 

Unfortunately for him one particular time of year annually troubled him. Christmas brought raucous, bellowing laughter and carol singing all the way to the top of his mountain which echoed around the walls of his cave with a thunderous beat in his eardrums.

The Grinch had attempted to disrupt Christmas at Whoville in the past through burglary, mischievous pranks and general wrongdoing, but nothing ever seemed to ruin the Whoville’s cheer during the most festive time of the year.  

The Grinch knew that he needed to take a new approach. He had regularly trolled the Whoville community via social media but this wasn’t having the desired effect. But a thought crossed his mind, Whoville love to online shop – the Whoville post office had been working extra hard to get presents to and from the town in time for Christmas! What would happen if something or someone were to jeopardise their online shopping?

The Grinch immediately took out his laptop and conjured a cunning plan. A plan to hack the Whoville emails and social media accounts! He found the Who’s with relaxed social media privacy settings and those using pets’ names as unsecure passwords! He got to work, sending spam emails, malicious malware and fraudulent invoice attachments far and wide.


Hitting the cyber-crime Christmas jackpot by targeting the local Christmas hamper shop, he found more data than he knew what to do with. The Grinch exploited customers' data with a smile on his face stretching from ear to ear. 

Customers purchasing festive hampers unknowingly settled their bills, sending their hard earned Whoville pounds straight into a fraudulent account set up by the one and only Mr Grinch. It was now The Grinch’s laughter bouncing off the walls of the cave whilst he clutched his belly with glee.

Those generous Who’s, waiting on their festive hampers to gift to their loved ones soon realised that they had been duped. With the loss of their Who pounds and no presents in sight, the police jumped into action and followed the grumpy trail to The Grinch (now enjoying Christmas in the Whoville jail...). 

The Who’s were delighted to find out that their Home Cyber cover not only covered the cost of investigating, reconfiguring and rectifying any damage to their home systems along with removal of any malicious malware, but they would also be reimbursed for the lost Who pounds, just in time for Christmas. Whoo-ray!




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