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To help you navigate our website we thought we'd put a guide here to help you find your way around and locate those regularly requested documents

Policy documents
Policy documents are now available from the relevant product pages.

Please visit products and services and select the product you require - the policy documents are in the product literature panel. 

Please note, former Sterling Insurance Commercial products, are now referred to as Executive Products

If you're looking for e-traded products, please visit the Executive Products and Small Business sections of the Commercial lines area within Products and Services.

e-Trade...your way and Broker Online
A guide to both e-Trade...your way and Broker Online is available on the Small Business page of our Trading with Us section - in our new Broker Area. 

Broker and Customer Areas
To help us provide easy access to the information you and your customers are after - we've created new Broker and Customer Areas.  Feel free to share the link to our Customer Area with your clients as it contains useful guides to help them protect their homes and businesses - as well as contact details they may need. 

In the Broker area we've focussed on assisting you with Ways to Trade as well as providing things like Product USP Guides, Training Schedules and Regional Contact Sheets - we hope you find it useful.

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