Effective risk management solutions

Driving superior service through risk management best practice.

We recognise the importance of effective risk management to help safeguard businesses. We provide robust risk management solutions for mid-market customers which are tailored to suit the size of every unique business and complexity of the trade processes carried out. Our commercial offering provides access to our risk surveyors with a real emphasis around truly understanding the client needs and driving superior service through risk management best practice.

Risk survey visits

Our risk survey visits are a vital part of our risk management approach and are crucial for both clients and brokers to support the insurance programmes we have in place. Face-to-face site visits are carried out by our experienced and expert risk surveyors at a time which is mutually convenient with the client. Our visit gives us an in-depth understanding of the client’s business and brings detailed email risk presentations to life, whilst allowing for the physical visibility of processes, procedures, and management controls.  It also allows the client the opportunity to demonstrate their passion for their company and how they look to control and mitigate risks for both their business but more importantly for visitors, employees and ultimately, their end customers.

We would always encourage brokers to attend risk survey visits where possible. We have had some excellent experiences where both brokers and our lead underwriters have attended pre-cover, post cover and renewal surveys. For pre-cover surveys, the visit can often identify risk factors which can help with deal negotiation and assist you in winning or retaining the business.  On several occasions our underwriters have been able to amend policy conditions immediately on site to reflect the risk features. 

Identifying opportunities for improvements

One recent example of how our risk survey visit added real value to a substantial manufacturing business was when we arrived on site to find that the insured had a free leisure facility for all their staff, a feature not outlined on the risk presentation and the subsequent survey request. So, our surveyor was able to discuss in detail the obligations of the insured and the need for a dedicated person to oversee the leisure facility to ensure induction sessions were carried out for the safety of the employees and that these were all recorded correctly.  Our insured was completely unaware of these obligations and was appreciative of the advice. This conversation then led onto discussions around other areas in which our surveyor provided further guidance, explaining how clear and accurate documentation provides a further level of risk management and can prove invaluable in terms of safety in the workplace and defensibility of claims should the worst ever happen.

Peace of mind for complex risks

Surveys are also vital to ensure more complex cases are suitably covered. For example, our risk surveyor arrived at a recent visit to find that the client had diversified their business into a totally new product area and was operating without adequate cover in place. Luckily, the broker was also on site for the risk survey, so between the surveyor and the broker they were able to work together to suitably assess the new product, processes, and different materials in use. The broker was then able to speak to our underwriters directly after the survey to agree new levels of cover to ensure the client was adequately protected, providing real comfort and peace of mind.