Different by Design

Our scheme proposition is aligned with our flexible approach to commercial underwriting with the aim of delivering a high quality service and being easy to do business with. We can tailor our commercial products to trade as a scheme whilst also being able to create entirely new products, especially if the business area is particularly niche. We can help you to stand out by working collaboratively with you to design and deliver a superior product and service proposition, which we believe will give you a distinct edge over your competitors.

Making your scheme Different by Design
How we make it work for you:

As a starting point, we will work together to agree your scheme requirements including the bespoke wording, IT, rating structure and the full document suite.

Throughout the life of the scheme your dedicated Lead Underwriter will assist in your account management, but you’ll retain independence to operate in the best way to suit your business. Our Marketing Team can provide expert support to ensure your scheme is promoted in the right way to reach your target market and help it to grow.

We will arrange regular meetings to discuss scheme progress with key stakeholders ensuring that opportunities to develop and issues are quickly identified and addressed. We’re passionate about making your scheme successful and will work with you as partners to ensure that it is!

Our schemes are Different by Design, and successful in practice.

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Nicki Crabb

Head of SME and Schemes Operations

Tel: 07720 640761

Alex Hughes

Senior Schemes Development Underwriter

Tel: 07598 144 896

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