Speeding up our e-trade referrals

Having listened to feedback from our brokers we are keen to strengthen our service.

As we continue our quest to push the boundaries of current e-trade norms, making processes quicker and easier for our brokers, we are pleased to announce a significant development to our e-Trade Commercial Combined and Property Owners product referral processes, delivering further efficiencies to our partner brokers.


Having listened to feedback from our brokers we are keen to strengthen our service. We are looking at new and unique ways to do this. Innovations that will differentiate Covéa from the rest of the market and improve both your experience of working with us and, more importantly, your clients. With this aim at the forefront of our minds, we will be implementing a dynamic and unique referral fact find within the Acturis quote journey. When a case refers, the fact find will provide you with the key questions required by our underwriters, prior to submitting the referral.  

The benefits for you include the reduction in the number of touch points and time taken for a referral with a ‘one and done’ approach, freeing up your time and resource to dedicate to further revenue generating activity whilst providing your customers with an efficient service.


Covéa Insurance Online

Covéa’s commercial lines extranet will also be providing a more efficient quote journey using dynamic question sets, generating process efficiencies for our broker partners and a faster service for your prospective and existing customers.

Our extranet system will detect where a submitted question response has triggered a referral. A pop-up will provide you with immediate guidance on what additional information will be required to satisfy any specific referral trigger. This will allow you to either collect the information immediately, where working with a customer in a live fact-find environment, or reduce the requirement to post a referral to obtain our underwriter’s advice on what further information is needed. 

Broker packs will be provided for you on request containing the background to the referral. This will provide you with a more in depth view of our trading appetite, helping with the targeting of business and sharing knowledge about the kind of information our underwriters require for referrals.


Making it easy to trade with us

We are dedicated to making sure we develop a market leading e-Trade journey, including innovative products and processes to satisfying the changing needs of our broker partners and their customers.

These innovations for speeding up the referral process will go live within the next two months.

Should you have any questions, wish to discuss anything within this article or have any thoughts on additional enhancements that would help deliver an improved quote journey, please contact:

Jack Trennery, e-Trade Optimisation Consultant

E: Jack.Trennery@coveainsurance.co.uk