Apprenticeships - Mythbuster

We're here to help answer those questions you might have always had about apprenticeships

Where can I work as an apprentice?

Our apprenticeships cover a wide range of areas, through a range of departments across our business. So whether you want to become a Software Engineer changing the technology of insurance, love speaking to customers and want to become a Customer Service guru, or have a passion for Data and want to become an Analyst – There’s something here at Covéa for you! 

Why do an Apprenticeship?

  • Get paid while you learn on the job
  • Gain the skills that apply to your role straight away
  • You'll be able to dedicate 6 hours of your working hours towards your studies
  • Develop skills, knowledge and behaviours
  • Paid for by Covéa, meaning no cost to you
  • Receive a recognised qualification
  • Taught by industry experienced tutors 

How do apprenticeships work?

  • A choice of ways to study – this could be face to face or online, or a blend of the two.
  • One-to-one support from expert tutors and supportive coaches
  • Access to a Virtual Learning Environment with all your qualification content, learning resources and step-by-step support
  • Workshops that build relationships and a network in the form of learners, tutors, coaches and mentors
  • Regular checkpoints to ensure you are progressing well 

What to expect?

  • A full-time job, with an apprenticeship salary
  • To develop a range of technical and transferable skills – Ones that you can use in your role and in the future
  • Opportunity to enrol into our business-wide Mentoring scheme
  • Commitment – You need to be committed, the hard work pays off!
  • Opportunities to progress – Once you’ve gained your experience and completed your training, the possibilities are endless.