Our partnership with the 10,000 Black Interns Scheme

Between April and August in 2022 we were delighted to welcome 9 interns to the business as part of 10,000 Black Interns, working in partnership with our Inspiring Colour Network. During their 6 week placements the interns worked across a range of business areas and at several of our sites.

10,000 Black Interns is a UK wide scheme that seeks to offer internships to 2,000 young black people every year for five consecutive years. These internships take place with firms from 24 different sectors, delivering internships across a range of internal business functions. 

The scheme helps to break down systemic barriers, and each internship is an opportunity to change a life with new career opportunities.

Looking ahead

We are looking forward to a new cohort of interns joining us in 2023.