Learning and development

Helping you make the most of your skills

We invest in the future of our employees and have performance management and training programmes in place to support development.

We ensure all our employees are fully trained to do their job confidently and efficiently and support them by creating a personal development plan to help enhance their skills, abilities and behaviours.

An overview of what's on offer to our employees is shown below:

Learning Library

A wealth of resources to help you learn, lead and inspire

Personal Development Programmes

Four in-house schemes

Professional Qualifications

Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) & more

Short Courses & Workshops

Both in house or externally if required

Online Learning System

Learn at your own pace at your desk

Coaching, Mentoring and Buddying

Guidance and support

External Events by Relevant Industry Bodies

e.g. CII and CIPD

Espresso Session

Internal sessions of short, strong shots of learning