Why choose our Apprentice Programme?

Not sure about your next step after school? Wanting to get back on the ladder after a career break? Looking for a new path to take? An Apprenticeship could be a fantastic opportunity in all these scenarios – and offers so many options!

Apprenticeships are just as rewarding, exciting and challenging as choosing to pursue any other ‘typical’ further education route. But there are so many benefits that come with choosing this path – not least earning money whilst learning. They are open to all ages, not just the previous 16-18 age bracket and they are no longer a poorer alternative for further/higher education.

The Government’s backing through the Apprenticeship Levy has opened up opportunities for talented individuals to still achieve the heights of their aspirations, with the bonus of funded learning and no debt at the end of any qualifications.

Your journey to reaching your full potential…

Our Apprenticeships are designed for enthusiastic individuals who want to work towards an exciting career in our ambitious and vibrant organisation. You'll be able to make a difference within your team whilst being provided with support and training to gain valuable and relevant qualifications. You'll get the chance to gain practical experience and learn new skills with the complete support and guidance of your manager, our Apprenticeship Lead and the training provider.

You'll be spoilt for choice by opportunities to learn, grow and drive your career in a variety of rewarding directions, all very exciting stuff!