HNW - Covid-19 Update

August 2021

Our teams continue to work flexibly, enabling us to maintain servicing our brokers and customers. The safety of our employees, suppliers, partners and customers is of utmost importance to us.

Our phone lines have been diverted and all of our team are available to assist but we would encourage you to use emails wherever possible.

To help us manage this demand, we ask that you email for underwriting queries / quotes where possible – our contact sheets can be found here.

As a reminder, our HNW home policies allow working from home as standard (clerical/office) and our HNW motor policy allows for voluntary use as standard, even if the client is paid a fuel allowance.

Executive Travel
As detailed in our previous communications, please note that losses arising from pandemics are a general exclusion under the Travel product applicable to any Travel policies with a start date of 01/12/2019 and beyond. However, there are circumstances where the Travel providers are able to consider claims arising from the Covid-19 outbreak which are detailed in the links below:

Policy Pre 30/11/2019 
Policy Post 01/12/2019 

If any of your renewing customers do not have any holidays booked in advance, they may wish to reconsider whether this product is currently suitable for their demands and needs.

We will re-evaluate our position as we get closer to end of the advisory period set by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and provide further updates as and when necessary.

If you've got any questions relating to Covid-19, WHO has released some FAQ's.

If you have any questions about Executive Travel, then please speak to your HNW Underwriter

Our approach to policy requirements during COVID-19

Due to the various different Covid-19 Government imposed restrictions across the UK, we understand a number of our HNW customers may not be able to meet their obligations to satisfy our requirements. During periods of any local lockdowns, we will not penalise clients for being unable to comply with requirements as a direct consequence of Covid-19. This applies to the below scenarios for HNW clients:

  • Inspection requirements for second homes, holiday homes etc., where we have applied unoccupancy terms or where the property is left unoccupied for longer than is accepted as per the relevant policy wording. This also includes main homes if a client is unable to return to their home (i.e. is stuck abroad or is in hospital).
  • Alarm requirements (both upgrades/installation of a new alarm or alarm maintenance requirements).
  • Safe requirements (upgrades/installation of a safe)
  • Valuation requirements (Jewellery & Watches and Fine Art etc.)
  • Survey requirements (Buildings or contents)

Clients must comply with our requirements as soon as it is viably possibly to do so (i.e. after lockdown restrictions lifted).

If you have any other concerns or wish to discuss a specific scenario that is not mentioned above then please get in contact with us.

What can customers do to secure their unoccupied premises?

Unoccupied premises often present increased risks for damage to the property when no-one is there for an extended period of time. We are keen to ensure that these premises are appropriately secured to reduce the risk of vandalism, theft and arson, that water is switched off to prevent leaks within the property, and other suitable measures. Examples of actions that should be taken can include:

  • Ensure doors and windows and gates are locked, and any security shutters are used, or windows and doors can be boarded up and any intruder alarms are set.
  • Ensure any CCTV and external lighting is operational. Consider putting internal lighting on timers.
  • Isolating utilities where suitable
  • Removing any internal and external waste around the premises
  • Ensuring the fire alarm is fully operational

ABI Insurer Commitments

We are also adhering to the new guidance set by the ABI in respect of customers affected by Covid-19. You can see this guidance here.