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Our National HNW Underwriting Manager, Alison Colver explains why she's joined #Insuretrek18

“We probably all know people who have been affected by dementia. The father of one of my closest friends suffered from it and the mother of another close friend is in the early stages of this disease. Watching a loved one suffer with dementia is extremely difficult for a family. My wonderful mother who is in her 80’s has seen friends suffer – it is the most feared disease for people over the age 60.  The reality of living with dementia is devastating both for the person with the condition and all those making sure that their loved one is safe and gets the best care. 

850,000 people are estimated to be living with dementia in the UK and this is expected to rise to £1m by 2025; a person’s risk of developing dementia rises from 1 in 14 over the age of 65, to 1 in 6 over the age of 80. Pretty scary statistics.

The vision of the Alzheimer’s Society is a world without dementia but there is currently no cure, no way of preventing the disease and very little research into this devastating illness. Every pound we raise through sponsorship will go to The Alzheimer’s Society for vital research.

So I’m incredibly proud, and excited to be taking on #Insuretrek18 in September to support IUAD (Insurance United Against Dementia), who are working in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society to bring our industry together to raise £10 million for dementia research.  We are hoping to raise £75,000 in total with 25 industry colleagues taking part. This is definitely not a luxury trip and involves 7 to 8 hours walking every day for 3 days, sleeping in dormitories and probably lots of blisters!  My one wish is that there will be a cure in the future and we will not have to fear suffering from this awful disease.

As for the trek itself, I’ve already started the training and have a feeling I have a way to go to make sure I’m fit enough! My children think I am slightly mad with the number of steps I’m trying to achieve in one week.  The benefit of trekking the beautiful countryside of Kent is that I feel fitter and have seen lots of beautiful villages and houses along the way. The only downside is walking through fields of cows … they seem to have taken a liking to me!!"    

Alison Colver




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