Dawn's story

Director at TEn Insurance Services, Dawn Derbyshire explains her reasons for joining Insuretrek18

“I was delighted to be asked to join the team because this dreadful disease has affected myself and my family through my beautiful, life loving, caring grandmother who was destroyed by it. The people you know and love eventually become a shell, without any sense of dignity or pride, unable to wash or feed themselves, leaving all around them feeling utterly helpless and ultimately losing the person they knew and loved.

Coupled with this I experienced a life changing event. December 2016 on a return flight from the Maldives I suffered a brain hemorrhage. Thankfully I survived the journey and the surgery and I'm here to tell the tale. Life has been tough since then but with incredible support from family, friends and wonderful colleagues I've made good progress and life is good, it’s not always easy but its good and I’m grateful to be here. For me to complete this trek is extra challenging because one of the things affected since my hemorrhage is confidence, travelling & trekking on my own without any of my family will be mentally extremely difficult.

People affected by brain trauma are 24% more likely to suffer with dementia. I don't intend being one of them hence my utmost desire to support this wonderful charity.”

Dawn Derbyshire




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