Peter's story

Group CEO of the Aston Lark Group, Peter Blanc shares his reasons for joining Insuretrek18

“Over a glass of wine at lunchtime with Simon Cooter recently, he talked about Covéa Insurance's link-up with Insured United Against Dementia and then dropped the bombshell that he would like me to get involved with a charity ‘walk’ that he was arranging and would I be interested?  As you can imagine, I get asked to do lots of things but listening to Simon talk about Alzheimer’s and some of the people that he has known that have been afflicted with this disease made it quite easy to say yes.  So, a few days later I emailed Simon to let him know that I was up for it and by return of email I received a training regime and kit list which made me realise that far from being a ‘walk’ this was going to be a full-on expedition!  However, there is no backing out so I just have to make sure that I am in prime physical condition to take on the challenge.  It will be a fantastic digital detox for a few days and when I looked at the list of who else was going to do the trek I was really pleased to see some friends of mine where joining the cause – Ian Donaldson from Autonet, Chris Patterson from Bollington, Andy Tedstone from PIB, Sian Barton from Insurance Age – so I am now really looking forward to it as it will be great fun.  All I have got to do is get down the gym and spend half my life between now and September on the Stairmaster!”

Peter Blanc




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