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Report my claim via phone

Tel: 0330 024 2244   

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Covéa Insurance, Motor Trade Claims Department, A&B Mills, Dean Clough, Halifax, HX3 5AX

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How do I report my claim?

Register your claim using the details above.

Please have the following information to hand:
-  Policy number, your name / driver’s name
-  Vehicle make, model and registration number
-  Details of the incident including name and address of the other driver, their insurance company, policy number and car registration
-  Crime Reference Number (a requirement for theft claims)

What do I need to send?

-  A completed claim form, along with any other supporting documentation requested
-  Any letters you receive in connection with the event before you reply to them
-  Any writ, summons or other legal process issued or commenced against you
-  All estimates, information and assistance as may be required by us and our appointed agents

What happens now?

-  A claim form will be completed on your behalf and sent to you to verify the details and to sign and return
-  We shall be entitled to take and keep possession of the insured vehicle and to deal with the salvage in a reasonable manner
-  We can negotiate, defend or settle on your behalf any claim made against you
-  We can prosecute in your name, for our benefit, any claim against any other person in respect of any amount paid or payable

Once your claim has been reported feel free to contact us using the details above if you have any queries about your claim, or if you need to send us any correspondence.

For existing claims call 0330 024 2245.

For everything else, please call our reception team 0142 233 1166.

Further advice
  • Take all reasonable precautions to prevent further injury, loss or damage
  • Immediately inform the police of the theft, or attempted theft, or of malicious damage to the Insured Vehicle and obtain a Crime Reference Number
  • Notify us of any impending prosecution, coroners inquest or fatal accident enquiry or the intended issue of any writ, summons or other legal process by you, or on your behalf
  • Negotiate or repudiate any claim without our written consent
  • Abandon any property to Covéa Insurance