Privacy Policy

How your personal information is used by the Covéa Insurance Group companies

This Privacy Policy explains how we use the information we process about you and your rights in respect of this information. The way we use your information will be different depending on why you have provided your information to us.

Please click on the boxes below to be taken to the correct section of the Privacy Policy relevant to your relationship with us:

  • If you are a Provident Insurance customer, please click on the ‘Provident Insurance Customers’ option.
  • If you have bought or used our products and services please click on the boxes below relating to the product/service purchased to be taken to the relevant section. To help you we have set out here the meaning of certain words and terms used in this policy as well as for our products/services.
  • If you are using our website, please click on the ‘Website User’ option.
  • If you are a business contact of ours, please click on the ‘Business Contact’ option.
  • If you are considering applying or have applied for a job with us, please click on the ‘Job Candidate’ option.

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Other Individuals Who Are Not Customers of Covéa Insurance

CCTV for Staff and Visitors to Covéa Insurance Buildings

If you are unsure whether we are the data controller of any of your personal information, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Such changes may be necessary, for example, due to changes or developments in data protection laws, privacy best practice or the introduction of new technologies. You should check our website periodically to view the most up-to-date Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy was last updated in November 2022.