Business Extra

An optional package for Executive Commercial Products

Extra is available as an optional package to include all the following benefits at an additional cost:

Legal Expenses
You can protect your business against legal costs and expenses relating to Employment Disputes, Contract Disputes and Tax Investigations.

We will send you a pack that contains certain YellowtagTM items to protect your laptops and business keys. This is a unique and innovative retrieval service that, without revealing your personal or business details, lets the finder contact you anywhere in the world immediately when lost items such as business keys and portable property (like laptops, cameras, portable communication equipment) are found.

Crisis Containment
Should there be any unfortunate event causing significant personal injury or damage to your property we will automatically pay the cost of securing the professional services of a public relations and/or marketing organisation to help mitigate any damage to your reputation.

Lotto Win Indemnity
Cover will automatically include the costs of recruiting and training new staff should a number of employees resign as a result of a substantial lottery win.

Website Hacker Protection
Website promotion and information is an invaluable asset to business performance and so in the event of malicious damage preventing access, loss of data or impact upon the reputation of your business, cover extends to include the cost of repair or replacement of the website and associated security improvements.