Affinity Partnerships

Delivering a mutually advantageous partnership

We provide a variety of products that can help provide additional value to your customer or membership proposition.  We work with a range of affinity partners to find and tailor the right products and offers to meet the needs of their customers and members, so they get real protection from great products that they need and continue to get the quality service they associate with the brand.  Our affinity strategy is about providing a service to customers that keeps them returning to the core offering, another reminder of why they keep using the brand. 

We offer a proven track record of service commitment combined with a fully white labelled experience, far beyond just using a logo. Each element of the customer’s experience can be branded and from purchase to claim we ensure the brand is properly represented, right down to the tone of voice and the words we use.  Our priorities are to enhance our partner’s brand’s reputation, broaden the product offering and use technology and digital transformation to enhance the customer’s experience, while generating additional value added income and expanding the core proposition.

If you are an organisation that wants to further develop your brand offering or you want to talk about reviewing your current affinity arrangement then please get in touch with our specialist affinity partnerships team. 

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Mathew Edwards - Business Development Manager

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