Redress Services

Services that are tailored to meet individual client requirements

Our redress services are provided by Sterling Client Services. The support team are able to tailor their approach to meet individual client requirements. We work closely with our partners to identify the optimum way to manage each element of the process, and to build the solution that best serves the business need.

Ongoing process review and well managed change ensures that the standard of service remains consistently high and gives our clients the reassurance that their customers have the best possible experience.


  • Comprehensive handling & processing of the complaint from initiation through to resolution
  • Data migration and bespoke system build
  • Call handling
  • Complaint registration
  • Redress calculation
  • Communication with customers
  • Redress payments


  • Ability to deliver solutions quickly
  • Reactive and responsive teams
  • Agile processes
  • Strong change management team
  • Ability to service elements of a process and work seamlessly with other partners