Supporting customers who are helping the humanitarian aid work

Covéa Insurance are ABI members, and as such, want to support customers who are helping the Ukrainian refugee humanitarian aid operation by providing clear reassurance and guidance on the insurance aspects of the following activities:

Opening your home to those displaced by the Ukrainian conflict

If you are a homeowner in the UK and kindly want to open your home to temporarily house people who have been displaced from the conflict in Ukraine as guests in your home, you do not need to inform us and your cover will remain the same. We will consider your new temporary guests as extended members of your family (as defined in the policy wording), and are making the following commitments:

  • We will provide cover for your new guests’ contents and personal possessions, up to the limits in your policy
  • If you have a Home Contents policy, we will provide cover for the personal liability of your new guests for accidents or damage where they are found to be legally responsible and have to pay damages
  • If you have accidental damage cover, accidents caused by your new guests will also be covered
  • We will provide cover to your home or belongings caused by fire and escape of water, even if one of your new guests is responsible

These covers will apply for the first 12 months across our household policies. If you wish to continue your support beyond this time, or wish to discuss your cover, then please contact your broker.

If you wish to house people displaced from the conflict in Ukraine in your second homes, guest homes or rental properties then we would love to support, but please discuss this with your broker in the first instance.

Volunteer driving in the UK

If you want to use your private vehicle to transport goods around the UK to aid in the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine, we are happy to support this. Most customers will not need to inform us and their cover will not be impacted in accordance with the ABI Volunteer Driving Commitments; more details can be found on the ABI's website.

Private vehicles used for humanitarian aid in the European Economic Area

If you want to use your private vehicle to deliver humanitarian aid to other parts of Europe in response to events unfolding in Ukraine, we are happy to support this. Our motor insurance policy will provide third party liability coverage for a period specified in the policy when driving within the ‘Free Circulation without Green Card’ zone.

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with regulations around the cross-border transport of goods and abide by any travel advice issued by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. Please check your policy documents carefully for limits of coverage and policy exclusions.

Commercial vehicles used for humanitarian aid in the European Economic Area

If businesses want to use commercial vehicles to provide humanitarian aid in response to events unfolding in Ukraine, we are happy to support this. Customers with commercial vehicles that have comprehensive motor insurance cover in the UK will be granted comprehensive coverage at no additional charge for any cross-border journeys taken for humanitarian reasons within the ‘Free Circulation without Green Card’ zone for the next three months, until 11th June 2022, at which point it will be reviewed. 

Please let us know if you require additional coverage or plan to leave the European Economic Area. Policyholders that are planning to undertake cross border journeys and who would usually not be covered for these journeys under their existing comprehensive policy should inform us their plans.


How long will this support last?

The support for extending comprehensive cover to cross-border travel free of charge for commercial vehicles will be reviewed by 11th June 2022.

Support for volunteer drivers in the UK, private vehicles used to transport humanitarian aid in the EEA reflects existing market practice.

Support for temporarily housing people as a result of the humanitarian crisis will be in place for 12 months from March 2022. Please speak to your broker if your guests are staying with you on a more permanent basis beyond the initial 12 month period.

We will continue to keep support under review given the changing situation.


Will there be further announcements of industry support for customers involved in this humanitarian effort?

This continues to be a fast-developing situation, and we will continue to monitor developments very closely, responding where appropriate.


Should I drive into Ukraine?

The relevant support applies to the Green Card Free Circulation Zone, and this does not cover Ukraine. 

Currently the UK Foreign Office advises against all travel to Ukraine so as ABI members, we would not encourage people to go there.

You should also be aware that damage or injury caused by war, conflicts or similar events is a common exclusion in motor insurance policies.


Does this apply to humanitarian support for all refugees or just Ukrainian refugees?

The crisis in Ukraine has been recognised as leading to the biggest migration in Europe since WWII so insurers want to help customers who want to support. The terms for home insurance apply generally to non-paying guests and so the intention is to provide clarity for customers if they want to temporarily house refugees affected by the conflict in Ukraine, that have come to the UK. This would also apply to other non-paying guests.  If you have any doubts or concerns, check with your broker.


If I am not sure about my cover, what should I do?

Speak to your broker so you can be reassured before planning any activity.