important information about yellowtag

Please note we no longer provide Yellowtag as a service.

If you have found a Yellowtag valuable, we will still be able to reunite the valuable with the owner.  Please email

If you have received a communication from us or have any queries, please contact with product and policy details or write to us at Yellowtag Enquiries, 50 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill,  West Malling, Kent, ME19 4JX.

About Yellowtag

Yellowtag is a trading name of Sterling Client Services Limited. 

Sterling Client Services Limited is part of the Covea Group's UK brands alongside Covéa Insurance plc.  Together, we’re part of the French mutual insurance group Covéa and as a result of its financial strength, the Covéa group has attained a Standard and Poor’s ‘AA- Stable’ rating.